Picture of Ear Candle Course - Awaiting Date 2019

Ear Candle Course - Awaiting Date 2019

Learn the ancient technique of ear candling and the benefits it can offer.
Manufacturer: SPARKLES

Awaiting Date 2019 9.00pm-2.00pm

Ear candling therapy is a century old remedy used by many cultures worldwide. Ear Candles give your ears a natural warmth and helps to restore the balance in your body. They can be used to help colds, blocked ears, headaches and much more.

To attend this course you must hold an Anatomy & Physiology qualification. On competent completion of the course you will receive a certificate which is accredited by 'Guild of Beauty Therapists'.

All training rooms overlook a free car park, we have a canteen with fridge, kettle and microwave facilities.

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