White Glitter Trolley Case

Stand out in the crowd with this unique sparkly White glitter trolley case ideal for any therapist. Inside there is an open deep section, 3 removable excellent plastic storage trays and one removable sliding tray unit.
Manufacturer: SPARKLES

Overall Case Dimensions: Width = 36cm, Height from wheels to top of case = 49cm, Depth = 23cm, the height of the handle from the floor is 103cm.

Inside this case there is a large open section with 3 removable plastic storage trays and a removable sliding tray unit. The height from inside the bottom of the case to the tray bracket is 25cm or from the bottom to the top of case is 36cm.

The lid is 4cm in height.

The 3 storage trays are all 8cm in height and 15cm in width.

The removable sliding tray unit comprises a base section and two slide out plastic storage trays. The base section is 31cm in width and 5cm in height, the two slide out trays are both 8cm in height and 15cm in width.

The trolley case has 360 degree wheels for easy movement.


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